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Capture trip documents fast.
Bill even faster.

The LoadPal mobile capture app
 makes billing a breeze.

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Getting The Most Out of Mobile Capture 

What makes LoadPal truly unique is that it’s made by process automation and workflow experts. For over twenty years Microdea has served some of the biggest names in transportation. When you purchase LoadPal you get more than captured images of documents. A bunch of apps can do that.

With LoadPal, you get automated, rendition billing. With LoadPal, you get a central, digital place to store all load documents, including accessorials, where they can be accessed by AR, AP, OS&D and payroll. No more bottlenecks, lost documents, or paper flying around the office. 

Imagine you could login into your Transportation Management System, click a button, and instantly see all the loads that are ready to be billed because their proof of delivery documents have automatically been checked-in. Click another button and all those invoices get automatically emailed out to your customers. That’s what’s possible with LoadPal.

Bill the Moment Your Drivers Deliver
Everyone Wins When Information Moves Faster

With LoadPal, you can bill almost the second your drivers deliver, speeding up cash flow, improving operational efficiency, and saving time and money in the back office. Brokers will like your quick turnaround. Drivers will enjoy the convenience. And your staff will love how much faster it makes all of your paperwork processes from billing and AP to payroll and OS&D.  


Easy to Use 

Drivers simply open the app, click on the load, and attach the doc. No typing in the order # or expert photography skills required. 

Fully Integrated 

Proof of delivery documents automatically get checked into your TMS and matched with the correct load. They can easily be viewed and bulk billing can happen at the click of a button. 

Powerful Automation 

Powered by Synergize, our Document Management System, all documents captured automatically flow to the right people in the right places at the right times. 

LoadPal is a smartphone app that lets drivers send documents back to the office at the point of delivery. Manual indexing gets eliminated, billing can happen the same day, and you get paid a few days faster. 


We’re the best in the business when it comes to fast, seamless integrations. We push and pull from leading transportation management and accounting systems, ERPs and homegrown systems. 


Our system is flexible, so workflows can be easily configured to suit your unique process with no custom work required. Your process may need to change, but your software won’t. 


By making your process paperless, automated and fully integrated, we make sure all paperwork gets done as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible. 

Happier Brokers 

Brokers want your invoice and proof of delivery documents as fast as possible so they can bill their customer. LoadPal helps you send them almost instantly. 

Delighted Drivers 

No paperwork headaches or arguments over missing documents. They won’t need to use a scanner in their cab or at a truckstop, or even drop off an envelope at the office. 

Satisfied Staff 

LoadPal makes paperwork as easy as pie. Combined with the power of Synergize and automated workflows, it removes as much of the manual lifting as possible.