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Bill As Soon As Your Drivers Deliver

Speed Up Billing With Mobile Capture

When drivers scan load documents with their phone and send them to the back office for immediate invoicing, there are no more delays.

Faster Billing

Never wait for a trip document to come in again. The end-to-end process, from signed POD to invoice sent, can happen in minutes rather days or weeks.

No Lost Docs

When electronic copies are created from the get-go, trips documents are never given a chance to go missing and visibility improves.

Automatic Success

Images can be centred, cropped, optimized for size and readability, sent to the back office and indexed - all automatically. 

Mobile Capture eliminates the waiting game. When drivers scan and send trip documents right from their phones, billing can happen almost instantly. Over time, DSO goes down, cash flow improves, and your office runs even more efficiently than it does today.

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