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Automate the boring work with OCR

Remove data entry. Reduce errors. Run more efficiently.

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Getting The Most Out of Mobile Capture 

What makes LoadPal truly unique is that it’s made by process automation and workflow experts. For over twenty years Microdea has served some of the biggest names in transportation. When you purchase LoadPal you get more than captured images of documents. A bunch of apps can do that.

With LoadPal, you get automated, rendition billing. With LoadPal, you get a central, digital place to store all load documents, including accessorials, where they can be accessed by AR, AP, OS&D and payroll. No more bottlenecks, lost documents, or paper flying around the office. 

Accelerate Billing

OCR can automatically split batches of documents, classify different doc types, and automate data entry so that your billers can handle more volume.

Automate Payables

OCR can automatically capture data from vendor and maintenance invoices and verify amounts so that your AP clerks can focus on exceptions.

Relieve Bottlenecks

By automating data entry, OCR can help relieve choke points in any business process. If you have too much volume and not enough hands, OCR can help. 

Optical Character Recognition grabs document types, load numbers, vendor names, dates and amounts from paperwork, so that your staff don't have to. The result is faster billing time, fewer errors, and greater efficiency.


We’re the best in the business when it comes to fast, seamless integrations. We push and pull from leading transportation management and accounting systems, ERPs and homegrown systems. 


Our system is flexible, so workflows can be easily configured to suit your unique process with no custom work required. Your process may need to change, but your software won’t. 


By making your process paperless, automated and fully integrated, we make sure all paperwork gets done as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible.